Since coming to CMH in 1999 as the CEO, John Hoopes has been interested in the history of healthcare in Caribou County.  He already had a private collection of historical medical items and was wondering what to do with it.  During 2011, we completed our new Surgery Department on the first floor, vacating the surgery area on the second floor, where it had served the county for the previous 42 years.  Hoopes obtained funding from our CMH and Monsanto Foundations to remodel the operating room, creating a new door adjacent to CMH’s main entrance.  He had high-tech AV equipment installed in the room so it could be used as a classroom and meeting room. This is being continually used by CMH and the community.  The old glass-front suture cabinets were empty, so he filled the cabinets with medical antiques, which are all labeled. The famed Dr. Kackley’s sons donated medical antiques, some of which went to Ellen Carney Nelson, the author of the Kackley books, and some were donated to CMH.  Hoopes mounted all of these antiques, including the ones for Nelson, in wooden cases paid for by CMH. He took pictures of all the cases and they are on the walls of the classroom. This room has been designated as the CMH Mini-Medical Museum. Hoopes has also taken pictures of some of the items, which may now be seen on CMH’s website. He enjoys conducting tours and discussing history.  Please feel free to ask him about anything related to the history of healthcare in the county, and you will get an “ear-full.”  He’s got more stories than Carter’s has little liver pills, of which he also has a bottle. 

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