VOLUNTEERWhether you are a Student,  Intern or someone just looking to lend a hand, Caribou Memorial Hospital is full of opportunities to serve.

The CMH Auxillary

This is a organization of local volunteers, which number about 50, who come together, at least on a weekly basis, to do things to improve life for CMH’s Living Center residents, as well as other CMH patients and the general public. For example, they come to sing to the residents on a weekly basis, do sewing, some pay games with residents, and they assist with CMH’s health fairs, Brake for Breakfast (breast cancer awareness), open houses, and other events. Although not a separate non-profit corporation (as is the CMH Foundation), the CMH Auxiliary has its own bylaws, elects its own officers, and also raises funds, which they use to improve the lives of long term care residents, not only at CMH but at a local assisted living facility. For many years the Auxiliary members have also been called “Pink Ladies” (because of the salmon colored coats they wear), but, to encourage men to join, they are now encouraged to be called Auxilians, and they now have at least one male member. Any adult can join the CMH Auxiliary.

For more information contact Betty Ezell.

Phone:(208) 705-2343

Email: BearRiver77@aol.com